Fleas are pesky parasites that can create havoc in homes and commercial spaces. If you're grappling with a flea infestation in Maryland, look no further than Bug Squashers for an effective and safe solution. With years of industry knowledge, we offer residential and commercial flea extermination using top products such as Precor growth regulator and Alpine Flea spray.

What Are Fleas?

Understanding your enemy is the first step to victory. Fleas are tiny wingless parasites that feed off the blood of warm-blooded hosts, including humans and pets. Their life cycle comprises four stages: eggs, larva, pupa, and adults. One flea laying up to 20 eggs at a time can lead to a rapid infestation. While larvae feed on dead skin and adult flea feces, the pupae weave a cocoon and lie dormant for months until they sense a host. Adult fleas require a meal within the first few weeks, but once fed, they can survive for months without another meal.

Our Flea Treatment Methodology

Bug Squashers uses a multi-faceted approach to tackle flea infestations. We apply liquid residual insecticides to control adult fleas while using growth regulators to halt the larvae from transforming into pupae. For homes with a history of flea issues, we can pretreat with the growth regulator to prevent the life cycle from starting. Additionally, we employ aerosols for quick knockdown in extreme infestations.

Preparing Your Home for Flea Treatment

Before our arrival, prepare our home to ensure effective flea extermination. It is essential to all areas frequented by your pets to remove eggs, larvae, and pupae, but ensure you empty or dispose of the vacuum bag outdoors. Pay special attention to baseboards and hard-to-reach areas. Remove all pets from the property for 4-6 hours to let the treated areas dry. Having your pet flea dipped or bathed and put on some flea medication is also advisable.

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