Roach Control In Maryland

Bug Squashers of Maryland uses their many years of industry knowledge to solve pest problems.  Bug Squashers offers effective and safe pest eradication of Roaches.  We protect both residential and commercial properties in many parts of Maryland.  Bug Squashers uses top products such as Gentrol IGR to help eliminate Roaches for good.

What Are Roaches?

Roaches can become rather large insects up to 2 inches in length. They have 6 legs and 2 long antennae. Some may have wings but most of them cannot fly. Roaches are also known to spread diseases mostly to the fact they are found near garbage and most food waste areas.

Signs Your Being Infested

 Feces- can appear to look like brown coffee grounds. Larger infestations will show large quantities of feces, especially in areas like cabinets, pantries, behind stoves, and refrigerators
Roach Eggs- brown oblong sacs that may contain up to 50 eggs inside. Normally these are laid in between cracks and crevices.
Smell- when a large infestation is produced it may cause a pungent musty odor.

Treating For Roaches In Maryland

Although there are many options for getting rid of roaches, Bug Squashers uses the best option for every infestation.  Treatments may consist of treating with gel baits, growth regulators, chemical insecticide, and sometimes-even powders.
Helpful Tips For Preventing Roach Infestation
  • Maintain clean dishes, counters, and cabinets
  • Remove card board boxes
  • Keep grease cleaned up around the stove
  • Make sure to inspect doors and windows for air gaps
  • Remove trash regularly from house and store trashcans away from house
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