Flea Control and Extermination In Maryland 

Bug Squashers of Maryland uses their many years of industry knowledge to solve pest problems.  Bug Squashers offers effective and safe pest eradication of Fleas.  We protect both residential and commercial properties in many parts of Maryland.  Bug Squashers uses top products such as Precor growth regulator and Alpine Flea spray to help eliminate Fleas for good.

What Are Fleas?

Fleas are small wingless parasites that survive by ingesting blood from warm-blooded humans and animals. They give birth abundantly, to the point that one flea can cause havoc on your home. Fleas can jump nearly a foot in the air, making it easy to jump on small animals like cats and dogs.  There are four stages of life eggs, larva, pupa, and adults. Fleas can lie up to 20 eggs at a time. After the eggs hatch, they turn into larva eating dead skin and feces of adult fleas.  As pupa, they weave into a silken cocoon and may remain dormant for several months until they sense a warm-blooded host. Adult fleas will need to eat within the first few weeks as an adult. After the first feeding, they can survive for a few months without a meal.

Treating For Fleas In Maryland

 Bug Squashers Of Maryland uses the safest liquid residual insecticides and insect growth regulators. We use the residual insecticide to control the adult fleas. The growth regulator is used to prevent the larvae from the pupa stage, stopping the cycle in its tracks. If you have a history of fleas we could pretreat the home with the growth regulator to prevent the life cycle from starting. In some cases, we will use aerosols for quick knockdown.

Prepping Your Maryland Home For Flea Extermination

 Vacuuming and mopping all areas that your pet frequents will help get those eggs, but make sure you empty or remove the vacuum bag outside.  Don’t forget the hard-to-reach baseboard areas. Remove all pets from the property for 4-6 hours to assure the areas are dry in the home. Have pets flea dipped or bathed and put on some type of flea medication.

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