Ant Control Services In Maryland

Bug Squashers of Maryland uses their many years of industry knowledge to solve pest problems.  Bug Squashers offers effective and safe pest eradication of Ants.  We protect both residential and commercial properties in many parts of Maryland.  Bug Squashers uses top products such as Taurus SC and Alpine Aerosol to help eliminate Ants for good.

What Are Ants?

Ants are three segment insects that live in colonies. Ants typically enter your home so seek shelter and forage for food. When entering the home through the smallest of openings they find a food source close to a water source. They use pheromone trails to leave for other ants to follow.

Treating For Ants In Maryland
When treating ants Bug Squashers determines where the ants are originating. We determine whether the colony is based on the interior or the exterior. If the infestation is based on the exterior we will use a non-repellent spray to eradicate the ant's colony. Each ant situation may be different we may use any baits on the interior of the home or non-repellant spray. We only use safe and effective treatments for humans and animals.

Helpful Tips For Preventing Ant Infestation:

  • Maintain clean dishes, counters, and cabinets
  • Caulk and seal any cracks and crevices inside and outside of the foundation
  • Clean all entry points with cleaner to remove trail pheromone
  • Make sure to inspect doors and windows for air gaps
  • Keep all water draining away from the foundation of the house
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