Termite Control In Maryland

Bug Squashers of Maryland uses their many years of industry knowledge to solve pest problems.  Bug Squashers offers effective and safe pest eradication of Termites.  We protect both residential and commercial properties in many parts of Maryland.  Using top products such as Termidor SC and Advance Termite Bait stations to help eliminate termites for good.

What Are Termites?

It’s hard to believe that an insect that may only reach 15mm in length can cause such significant damage. Termites eat cellulose and wood by products such as paper and cardboard.  They need moisture and warmth to survive.  Termites are known to cause billions of dollars in damage per year which most is not covered by homeowners insurance.

Signs Your Being Infested

  • Wings- termite swarmers drop their wings to mate to form new colonies
  • Damage- wood that is either hollowed or contains galleys full of termites and their tunneling matter
  • Shelter Tube- a three-dimensional tube made from the fecal matter of termites, usually the with of a pencil

Treating For Termites In Maryland

Although there are many options for getting rid of termites, Bug Squashers uses the best option for every infestation.  Treatments may consist of treating the soil around the foundation or drilling through the slab to access the soil beneath. Sometimes there may be a moisture problem that consists behind a wall that may need a wood treatment.
Helpful Tips For Preventing Termite Infestation
  • Store firewood away from the dwelling
  • Seal or caulk cracks and holes in the foundation
  • Make sure all water is drained away from the foundation
  • Keep all leaves and debris from piling up around the house
  • Never allow a build-up of mulch to the point it overlaps the siding
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