Bed Bug Control In Maryland

Bug Squashers of Maryland uses their many years of industry knowledge to solve pest problems.  Bug Squashers offers effective and safe pest eradication of Bed Bugs.  We protect both residential and commercial properties in many parts of Maryland.  Using top products such as Crossfire Bed Bug Concentrate and Bedlam Plus Aerosol to help eliminate Bed Bugs for good.

What Are Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs are small wingless insects that feed on warm-blooded animals. Typically they feed on their hosts while they are sleeping. Newborn bed bugs are called nymphs about the size of poppy seeds. Adults can reach up to .25 inches in length. When looking closely at bed bugs you can see the brown and orange color due to the fact they are full of blood.

Signs Of Bed Bugs
  • Look in creases and seams of mattresses and box springs for bed bugs or eggs.
  • Check behind headboards, dressers, and even in the drawers
  • Be on the look out for reddish brown markings (fecal matter) on linens and curtains

Preparing For Bed Bug Eradication

  • Pull furniture away from walls.
  • Stand mattresses and box springs up on end
  • Use mattress and box spring covers
  • Vacuum on a regular basis but empty bag or canister on the exterior

Treating For Bed Bugs In Maryland

When it comes to treating bed bugs there are many options to remediation. Bug Squashers of Maryland uses residual chemical based treatments. We perform a thorough inspection of the property. Once the inspection is complete Cross Fire Bed bug Concentrate would be applied around the bedding and baseboard areas or any other areas that are being infested. Bedlam Plus will be applied to any crack and crevices subject to infestation.
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