Few creatures incite as much fear and loathing as wasps. They are often mistaken for bees, but whereas bees are gentle and beneficial pollinators, wasps are aggressive predators. This can make them a natural pest to homeowners, as they can damage property and sting people. Bug Squashers of Maryland uses their years of industry knowledge to solve pest problems, offering practical and safe wasp eradication. We protect residential and commercial properties in many parts of Maryland, using top products such as Wasp Freeze and Cyper WSP to help eliminate wasps for good.

What Are Wasps?

Wasps are a type of flying insect that is closely related to bees and ants. They are often brightly colored, with yellow or black stripes, and can range in size from a few millimeters to over 2.5 cm long. Wasps live in colonies containing thousands of individuals, each with a distinct social hierarchy.

The vast majority of wasp species are beneficial to humans, as they prey on other insects that can damage crops or carry diseases. However, a few species are considered pests, as they can cause problems for homeowners.

One of the most common pest wasps is the German yellowjacket (Vespula germanica). This wasp is roughly 12 mm long and has a yellow and black striped abdomen. It is a native of Europe, but it has been introduced to North America, where it has become a major pest.

What Problems Do Wasps Cause?

Pest wasps can cause several problems for homeowners:

  1. Property Damage: Wasps can damage property by building their nests in places like eaves, gutters, or wall cavities. They will also chew through wood, insulation, and other materials to build their nests.
  2. Stinging Threat: Pest wasps can be a danger to humans as they are capable of stinging. Wasps will only sting humans if they feel threatened, but their stings can be excruciating and can cause an allergic reaction in some people.
  3. Nuisance Factor: Wasps can be a nuisance as they are attracted to sweet food and drinks. This can make picnics or BBQs difficult, as wasps will try to steal food from humans.

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